Duplicat's Diary

Since arrival..
by Rick at 04:38:11, 2022-06-09 (day 2958)

Clearing into Fiji was a somewhat slow affair, but I’m used to island time, so we relaxed, had breakfast, took the boat into the western (new) lagoon for COVID testing, then had lunch and awaited the rest of officialdom.

Once cleared (and we had to wave goodbye to all our poultry products unfortunately), we took a berth in the new lagoon to recover, reprovision, get data sims, all the usual post-arrival stuff. We may even have had a couple of beers to celebrate the successful passage…

So we’ve stocked up, organised a cruising permit, checked over a boat for a friend, we’re about ready to go. Tomorrow, we’ll fuel up and head out to the lower end of the Mamanuca (pronounced mama-nootha) islands. We’ll have a few days cruising around there, drop into Musket Cove etc, before we have to return for Peter to make his flight home.