Duplicat's Diary

Day 11
by Rick at 03:32:03, 2022-06-07 (day 2956)

The sailing has been great and we’ve been doing some great speeds. Wind picked up a bit this morning and we’ve been up in the 7 to 8 knots range for most of the day. Reefed a bit as the sea state picked up. The wind is staying determinedly more E than SE, so we’ve still got it ahead of the beam for now, and we’re picking up quite a bit of salty spray. Hey ho.

The great news is that we’ll be in the pass through the reef around midnight, or even a bit before. Then its about 18nm to the anchorage. Stand a chance of getting a bit of kip before we start on the clearing in tomorrow morning.

We’ve been having a few satellite issues, so will keep this brief for now. We’ll be in the land of 3 and 4g data from tomorrow (though will need a sim first). Connectivity will be resumed soon!