Duplicat's Diary

Day 9
by Rick at 04:10:43, 2022-06-05 (day 2954)

Its been a continuation of the motoring in the light winds. What wind there has been, has been too tight to sail without missing Fiji. We’d rather keep our banked east in the pot so that when we turn for Fiji, if the wind isn’t as forecast, we’ll still make the pass through the reef.

So today we did a number of little jobs that needed calmer seas. Though this morning it was a bit lively, the swell settled down and its been a very comfortable, if a little soporific afternoon. We made some alterations to the winch tailing to suite the new covers better, I did some electrical work. Usual boat things…

We have the mainsail up, and did manage some sailing at some nice speeds, but then the wind angle tightened again. Its due to swing SE tomorrow morning and stay there for the 2 days into Fiji. We hope!

We now have less then 350nm to go, and we’re definitely in the tropics (crossed the Tropic of Capricorn) and its getting quite warm!