Duplicat's Diary

Day 8
by Rick at 05:17:01, 2022-06-04 (day 2953)

Last night was pretty uneventful - starting with the screecher, then we swapped to the genoa as the wind increased. Made pretty good miles. Still haven’t seen another boat since the chinese fishing fleet and a container ship sometime back (Monday?).

Today, the winds trended lighter and we ended up putting the genoa away and motoring on one engine. That gave me chance to make up our mezze feast I’d been thinking about. The sourdough pita breads worked well, with each one fully puffing so we’d have nice pockets. To go with this, we had a butternut squash and tahini dip, hummus, baba ganoush and some salad bits. Yum! We were very full after lunch and it was mostly healthy. Honest!

This afternoon the wind picked up and came around to a slightly useful angle, so we’ve been motorsailing quite happily at reasonable speeds. This is very helpful as we know tomorrow is going to be very light and on the nose. After that though, Monday looks good for a really nice 2 day run into Fiji, with us arriving at the pass through the reef early on Wednesday morning.

All continues to be well onboard. We’re tweaking things here and there and solving a few little problems that I still have. A good one to fix would be the intermittent Raymarine NMEA to Seatalk converter that forgets to transmit GPS info periodically (for a random number of seconds, then its back to normal!). Alas when its doing this, its beeping like mad which is annoying for anyone off watch as you don’t get the beeps at the helm, just at the inside repeater (though the outside speed instrument loses SOG). No fix for this yet, but the grey cells are working on the issue…