Duplicat's Diary

Day 3
by Rick at 03:14:16, 2022-05-30 (day 2948)

Overnight was quite windy, until my second watch when the wind eased as did the sea state. I shook out the first reef, then all reefs in the genoa. However the wind continued to drop.

We opted to replace the genoa with the screecher - but as we started to unfurl the screecher, the shackle failed (seems that even though the pin was moused with wire, it had come undone!). We furled the sail, and lashed the bowsprit up (as the same pin holds the bobstay attached to the top of the sprit). We have a spare shackle but its not a thing to change at sea as the bob-stays have to come off (or the bowsprit needs to be unmounted - neither of which are easy at sea). These things are sent to try us!

So we’re down to just the genoa (and main if the wind moves forward from behind us!). Alas, we’re only seeing very light winds at the moment, so we’re motorsailing again. Its due to built tonight and tomorrow though - so we should be sailing again soon.

Yesterday we moved the clocks forward an hour to give us a little more light in the evening. We’ll do the same again before we reach Fiji.

I lost the competition as to when we’d see the next boat - as a big tanker just crossed in front of us. I’d guessed Wednesday…