Duplicat's Diary

WoW - Waiting on Weather
by Rick at 01:00:30, 2022-01-02 (day 2800)

Well, our stay in the Brisbane River has been extended as Cyclone Seth is making itself felt in the bay outside. In truth, its not really going to impact things on the coast too badly, but the wind is up as is the swell, so we’re far more comfortable in here.

City life is also quite nice for a change. We managed to stay a while on the walk-ashore pontoon. Officially the limit is 2hrs, but boats are staying weeks at a time because otherwise they are empty all the time, and come March a new bridge is going to stop any yacht getting up here. The pile moorings have lots of spaces but officially (again) no new boats allowed as they will be removed next month. I know of a few that have snuck onto them though. We got a note about an alleged overstay on the 30th so chose to anchor out in the middle of the river for NYE. The area where most boats anchor, upstream of the moorings, was very tight on space. Unfortunately a friend was rammed by another boat after the NYE fireworks putting a 1m gash through the hull in just that anchorage!

That said, that area has now emptied out quite a bit, so we’ve re-anchored there to make life a little easier for the ferries. We’re now well out of their way on the inside of the bend just upstream of the piles. I must say that the ferries have been great. They produce very little wash, and have shown no sign of frustration with the anchored boats, even on NYE when it was somewhat chaotic. Quite refreshing, and not what we’ve experienced on other busy rivers.