Duplicat's Diary

In the Whitsundays
by Rick at 03:36:03, 2021-11-25 (day 2762)

It was a great sail here. 10-14knots on the beam the whole way. With a bit of a lift from the current, we made very good time, and dropped the sails just outside Cid Harbour at around 6am. Not many ships or fishing boats overnight, nothing we had to change course for - so on the whole a pretty nice easy sail.

We opted for here because we want a bit of protection from the NE and NW forecast wind - and as a bonus we also get a reasonable phone signal too. However, we really opted for here over the reef because of the coming weather, and for once we’re getting what was forecast - rain and plenty of it. Its been on and off since we anchored, but this afternoon its been more persistent. Hopefully it will ease enough tomorrow to make the walk up to Whitsunday Peak enjoyable…

The nice bonus is that French Curve is still here. I’ve not seen them since we were together in Hobart - and we also spent New Years Eve together back in Port Stephens. It will be nice to catch up and show them our photos, and hear their stories from the last 10 months….