Duplicat's Diary

On our way south again
by Rick at 06:15:56, 2021-11-24 (day 2761)

With a nice NE breeze, we opted to leave John Brewer and head south. I had wanted to go to Block/Black reef but the weather is going to be a bit wet and miserable, so we’ll head inshore. It gives us a few more things to do off the boat if we want. So Whitsundays here we come!

It was a bit tricky sorting out the anchor and stern anchor and not ending up on the reef, but with a nimble crew and some nifty line work, we managed to get the bow anchor up and then motor around and over the stern anchor to pull it out (as it was very well buried), then onto the deck before we headed out.

Main raised, we were soon under sail and have been all day. Swapping between genoa and screecher, as the wind tightened and eased - we’re now doing 7.5knots in 10knots of true wind just aft of the beam. Very nice and pretty flat conditions. It was 147nm to run, but now 98nm. If this keeps up we’ll be in at dawn, otherwise a bit later. Not sure where we’re headed yet as the wind is promising NE going NW, but there are a few options.

Back to regular night watch hours, but there have been a few more fishing boats around, so I think we may see more boats overnight than on the last few passages.