Duplicat's Diary

Museum of Underwater Art
by Rick at 06:44:46, 2021-11-23 (day 2760)

Up early, we decided to dive the MOUA before the trip boat got out here. There used to be 3 moorings when I was here last year. Now there are just two marked ‘fore’ and ‘aft’ for vessels larger than 21m. The website mentions one for private yachts, but it doesn’t exist. We opted to tie the dinghy to the ‘fore’ mooring which put us right over the main part. We used a long rope, hopefully that would allow a visiting boat to pick it up still and transfer the dinghy to their cleats.

The dive was quite nice, very relaxed. Its our first for quite a while, so a good easy dive is appreciated! The museum is a great installation - must have taken some effort to create. Photos will follow as we’re on limited bandwidth out here.

After the dive, we washed the kit thoroughly and then spotted the trip boat arriving. They seemed to take forever to get in the water once here, but it was no drama for us. We were filling tanks, having lunch and then scrubbed the hulls as that has been a while too!

The plan is to leave here tomorrow and head to Black Reef off the Whitsundays. We’ll hang there for a couple of days then into the Whitsundays themselves for a bit of weather. Then we’ll roll south again…