Duplicat's Diary

Favourite Overnight Anchorage
by Rick at 08:48:58, 2021-11-13 (day 2750)

Whilst we’re in Cairns for a bit, dealing with a few errands and issues, I thought I’d recap some of my favourites from the lap. Today, my favourite overnight anchorage.

There’s no doubt that my favourite is Crocodile Creek in the Kimberely. The moment I saw it online (photos, blogs, videos), I knew I wanted that photo. We arrived late in the day, anchored outside the creek and dinghied in to see if there was room. We had it all to ourselves, so in we went. Spider-web of ropes to keep us off the rocks. We had it totally to ourselves the next day, which was magical. We swam in the second pool up - the first floods at high tide so can get crocs. The next day we had 5 boat loads (2 cruise ships, 2 tinnies and some guests on a superyacht/small cruise ship) so it was a bit busier.

Whilst this is my clear favourite, there were many many places which were stunning in their own way. Port Davey at the bottom of Tasmania, or the Waychinicup River close to Albany. Wineglass Bay was also a firm favourite for the sheer beauty of the location.