Duplicat's Diary

Out of the river!
by Rick at 02:18:19, 2021-11-07 (day 2744)

At high tide, we left the river and anchored outside again. There’s a bit of beam swell but hopefully it’ll calm down as the tide begins to ebb. It was nice to be safe, sound and flat in the river for the blow, but the wind is improving now.

Already today we see periods of E wind - and tomorrow looks better. So we’ll leave at dawn and begin the trek south. The aim is to be in Cairns for Friday. We will stop on the way - but the first leg will be at least 24hrs as I want to get as far down towards Cape Melville as I can. Not sure whether we’ll stay closer to the main coast, or head out to the reef yet - that will depend a bit on conditions once we’re out there.

More once we’re underway….