Duplicat's Diary

Moving on
by Rick at 04:57:43, 2021-10-28 (day 2734)

We had a nice day at Thursday Island yesterday. Visited the most northern pub in Australia, had a beer to two (though at another pub as the most northern pub wasn’t doing food or anything other than tinnies. There’s only a few metres in it…). Saw some of the island including the forts at the top of the hill and the very impressive cemetery. Photos to follow…

Today we did a quick final provision, said our goodbyes to the boats in the anchorage and made our way in 25knots of wind and some making current up to Punsand Bay. We’re now anchored under Cape York and will make our way around it tomorrow and head south.

How far we get depends on the wind and how much east there is in it. If its easterly, that’s pretty nice - but if it goes SE and blows, we’ll be stopping sooner to get some rest. From Monday onwards, its going to blow again for a while - so the plan is to get as far south as possible before then.