Duplicat's Diary

Blown Apart Gulf
by Rick at 04:52:54, 2021-09-17 (day 2693)

We’re making reasonable progress across the Joseph Bonaparte Gulf - also known as the Blown Apart gulf for its habit of very strong winds. As a result, most yachts pick the weather carefully which really means motoring rather than sailing.

For us, so far, its mostly been motoring or motor-sailing. Not that we’re complaining! I knew this would be the case, which is why we were so careful to save diesel in the Kimberley. We have the luxury of being able to motor as required.

We’ve seen a few things out here - some large dolphins (maybe small whales?), lots of dead fish, lots of algae, a gas platform and lots and lots of sea. Its pretty calm, but also pretty hot.

We’re within 20 miles of crossing into the Northern Territory, so we’ve opted to move to their time zone. Its one of the silly half-hour ones, so we’re now 9hrs 30mins ahead of GMT. It does mean that dawn will no longer be at silly o’clock 5:30am and sunset won’t be at 5:30pm. The next timezone change will be when we enter Queensland which is another 30minutes further on.

All is good onboard, the breeze is picking up and we’re motor-sailing again and at a rate that should see us in tomorrow afternoon - so still on target.