Duplicat's Diary

Goodbye to the King George River
by Rick at 04:07:47, 2021-09-10 (day 2686)

Having moved down to be closer to the east arm yesterday, this morning we headed off early to see if we could climb back to the swimming pool above the East Arm falls.

It was a bit easier than last time - probably just because we knew what to expect. We found a slightly different route at the top which meant we didn’t have to lean on the dodgier rope. All good, and this time we were ready for a swim!

The wind was calmer, so we also managed to get some drone footage.

Alas, we were so early we didn’t have the full sun shining into the gorge, but as the sun came up, so did the wind. The swim was nice - no crocs either which is always a bonus!

As we were leaving, a family arrived. The two kids flew up the ropes, but it seemed like mum couldn’t make it - so they were hunting the alternative route. We showed them where it was, but to be honest, I doubt you could get down to the pool from the route we took for our hike if you couldn’t manage the ropes. Its very steep all around!

Once back onboard, we lifted the anchor and headed out over the bar. Now we’ll see what happens to the wind this afternoon. If it drops, we may take the flood tide towards the Berkeley River, otherwise we’ll go overnight (which gives us both a bit of counter current and making current, but calmer winds).