Duplicat's Diary

East Arm hike
by Rick at 07:15:55, 2021-09-08 (day 2684)

I seem to have organised a little fleet to go ashore and do the East Arm hike. We ended up with 4 dinghies at the alternative route - a small gully just west of the falls. It took a bit to marshall the dinghies so they weren’t bumping into rocks, as we knew we’d be a while. Once we were all happy, it was up the gully. Its a bit of a scramble and you use a rope in one place but its not as tough as the Glycosmis climb - our benchmark!

The plateau on the top is a lot less smooth than Glycosmis. It wasn’t too bad though and incredibly well marked with cairns. The group tried to boulder hop as much as they could to avoid the spinnifex (which wasn’t entirely successful - we all had cuts and scrapes on our return). We got a great view of the swimming hole at the top of the East Arm falls (the one we’d climbed to the day before).

It wasn’t long before we were looking for the route down to the creek. Alas, this is where I had my first taste of green ants. Bitey little buggers and they hurt too! I ended up striping off my shirt and had help to clean the buggers off me. Ouch! (But I’ll save you the pics).

We were on the hunt for some rock art, and we weren’t disappointed.

After a snack and some water, we returned along our track with a slight detour to another swimming hole (one level up from the one at the falls).

Then it was back to the dinghies, hoping we had enough water to get out of the shallow east arm. We were away first, and as we left the indent by the falls, we saw two crocs coming for us! The first had its head right out of the water, the second one was much bigger and was making a beeline for us before submerging. Neither came too close though. We did find it quite shallow getting out, but soon Mark and Dee zoomed past showing us the deeper route.

We’re now at the Twin falls on our own - the other boats having moved down to be closer to the east arm. We’ll probably move down tomorrow and then we leave on Friday. Looks like a nice night sail around to the Berkeley River to arrive at the high tide there on Saturday morning - but we’ll see how the weather pans out (rather than rely on the forecast!).