Duplicat's Diary

C53 wreck and Pauline Bay
by Rick at 03:36:35, 2021-08-28 (day 2673)

The big draw card items here in Vansittart Bay are the Douglas C-53 wreck and Jar Island. We’ll do Jar Island tomorrow. Today we headed out early (well, not quite as early as I had planned due to the crew sleeping in :), to see the airplane. We could have taken the big boat, but its just 3nm away and the dinghy goes well. Heatwave, another catamaran who was in Freshwater Bay with us for a few nights but spent last night at Jar Island, must have been up earlier as they were leaving (in the big boat) as we arrived.

Its not hard to find the wreck. Just up and over the sand dunes, then due east across the salt flats and you’re there.

Its hard to believe, given the condition of the airframe, that this plane crashed in February 1942 when it got lost on the way from Perth to Broome. Though it has been extensively stripped for spares, its remarkably corrosion free…

From there, we took the dinghy south from the mainland to Pauline Bay on the promise of yet more rock art. Supposedly a short walk along the beach (past mangroves - though no crocs!), then a barely defined animal track. Well, the start of the track was very clearly defined!

The animal track was very clearly defined too - it must be used quite a bit (though none of the other yachties in the bay have ventured that way). The rock art site has a fence around - so it wasn’t hard to find. And a great site it was too!

All in all a great mornings exploring. We’ll stay onboard this afternoon as the sea breeze kicks in strongly from the north making dinghying a very damp affair. If the wind is not too strong, we’ll do a rubbish burn ashore. We’ll head to Jar Island tomorrow morning…