Duplicat's Diary

Cape Leveque
by Rick at 07:16:37, 2021-07-14 (day 2628)

It wasn’t our fastest sail up to Cape Leveque - taking us a little over 24hrs to get from Roebuck Bay to the anchorage around the cape. The wind was far lighter than forecast, which is a shame. However, we used every sail (just about). Genoa and main yesterday afternoon, gennaker and main overnight. Gennaker alone this morning, and then spinnaker (parasailor) for quite a while. With a bit of motoring and motorsailing in between.

We did hear and see lots of whales. In fact, at change of shift midnight we both looked at each other - yes, that noise was a whale and it was pretty close!

At 6am, I put the lines in - hoping for a little fish (a few meals worth). By 6:30am, I’d hooked a tuna. As I was attempting to land it, it got free, only to immediately take our second line! Stupid fish… So a few minutes later, we had a nice long tail tuna (more than a few meals worth) bleeding out on a trailing line ready for Nina to work her magic. Lunch was and dinner will be tuna, and likely the same for the next few days!

Now we start to play the tide game. From here, past alarm shoal, the tide can run at nearly 10 knots - so we need to pick our moment to move. Thats tomorrow morning - when we’ll head down into King Sound to find a nice anchorage ahead of the blow on Friday/Saturday.

A bonus here is that there is a good 4g signal - so last chance to load up the tablets with TV and books!