Duplicat's Diary

Broome here we come…
by Rick at 10:27:45, 2021-07-06 (day 2620)

Change of plans, pit stop at Broome is now required. Ah well, at least the weather looks light enough to use Roebuck Bay (which is closer to the town). The spring tides will still make things a bit challenging, but we’ll manage..

We left Dampier and took the Flying Foam passage north, which saves us going around Legendre island. We saw a whale on our way into the passage, which surfaced right by the boat. I decided we’d anchor at the top of the passage as the light (to non-existent) winds mean it will be pretty calm - no wind over tide. Its a stunning spot. This photo is looking down the Flying Foam passage (named after a ship) which is to the right of the island as you look.

And a few minutes later, we saw 3 whales - what looks like a mother and calf along with another juvenile. The mother stopped to feed the calf - incredible to see. The photo doesn’t do it justice - you’ll have to wait for the video. In this frame, the calf had surfaced just before, and then swam under the surfacing mother, who stayed on the surface just drifting. The juvenile surfaced next to the mother.

Tomorrow we’ll be off at dawn for the 2 night sail to Broome. We may stop on the second night off 80 mile beach, but if the winds are good, we’ll just carry on and make the miles….