Duplicat's Diary

by Rick at 23:45:22, 2021-07-03 (day 2617)

We’ve been provisioning pretty hard. The wholesalers in Exmouth had been a good find, and we’d got quite a bit of stuff there. Here the plan is to fill in a few things that we’d missed, as well as some boaty and personal bits we’d need for the next few months in the Kimberley.

So we’ve done the supermarket, pharmacy, electronics shop, water sports shop for fishing kit and a replacement kettle for the stove, barbers, liquor store - all the essentials really. Next up is fuel (diesel, petrol and cooking gas) and then the final run into Karratha for fresh stuff later today - then we can return the hire car.

Its not been all work though - we did visit a brewery, continuing the Brewery Tour of WA theme. The North West Brewery did nice beer (just samples for the driving skipper) and food.

In this one, you can see a bandicoot towards the top, centre.

However, we’d had a tip off about a very good location which was a bit of a bush bash off the road. We had GPS location and duly set out. It was quite thorny getting there, but we managed it - though we disturbed a local on the way.

Our reward was a stunning display of rock art - a friend later remarked it was the best she’d seen in Australia. Very happy we made the effort to find it…

We’ll finish up our jobs here by Monday - then head out towards the Flying Foam passage (named after a boat, not because its rough), and Wednesday is currently shaping up to be a good day to hear towards Broome which is a 2 night sail. If the conditions continue to be good, we may carry on the 3rd night to Cape Leveque.