Duplicat's Diary

Brandy Bay
by Rick at 23:07:42, 2021-06-27 (day 2611)

We headed out from Champagne Bay towards the Stephenson Channel which winds its way towards the delightfully named Willy Nilly Lagoon. Thats a bit too shallow for us, but Brandy Bay looked a likely spot. As we approached, we saw that the superyacht Mineral Water was anchored there, so we chose another spot. After a couple of attempts to find enough water for the very low spring tides, we noticed Mineral Water was leaving - so Brandy Bay it was after all!

Looking south, the enclosed lagoon is Sherry Lagoon, beyond that is Hungover Head, then Rum Cove. To the west (right in the photo, with the anchored platform) is Claret Bay. And not forgetting we’d been in Champagne Bay. Cheers everyone!

We went ashore for an explore and to walk to the ruins at the top of the hill. There was a rebar-track in the grass for some of the way.

We then walked around the edge of Sherry Lagoon - very interesting rock formations at the coastal edge…

Then it was a straight upward assault on the hill to get to the ruins. None of the hills are very tall here - the highest in the Montebellos is just 37 metres, so its not too hard to climb anything. Not sure when the ruins are from - maybe to do with the testing, or more likely for these they are abandoned research station stuff…

The current in the channel was quite strong, which made for some chain noise as it rumbled over the smooth rock and sand seabed, especially when we got wind against tide. So we spent just the 1 night there, before moving on. Finally a break in the weather, so we reckoned we could visit Trimouille Island, home to 2 tests (one onshore, one offshore in a frigate) as well as home to a few crays that we could liberate, we hoped!