Duplicat's Diary

Bunkers Bay
by Rick at 10:32:09, 2021-03-24 (day 2516)

An uneventful trip along the coast saw us around Cape Naturaliste and into Bunkers Bay. The clouds had cleared, the sun came out and it was warm and pleasant.

Cape Naturaliste - you can just see the top of the lighthouse.

We knew there were some moorings in here for the hotel and cafe, but we weren’t sure of them - so anchored in 4m of water over sand. Holding is very good, and we saw dolphins passing by the boat hunting in the bay before we’d finished anchoring. We had a quick swim - the water was ok, but the wind had picked up and was quite chilly.

The sunset threw up some lovely colours on the rocks on the eastern side of the bay. Tomorrow’s plan is to head to the lighthouse and take the tour, then to the Bunkers Beach Cafe for lunch.