Duplicat's Diary

HMAS Perth
by Rick at 09:01:34, 2021-03-17 (day 2509)

We took the opportunity to get a couple of dives in on HMAS Perth whilst we were in Albany. It seems to be a somewhat neglected dive site as the town moorings are gone - the only maintained mooring is done so by the local dive shop who were happy for us to use it.

Once on site, and into lots of neoprene (as the water is a chilly 20 deg C here!), we first did a quick check on the mooring which was down at 30m. All looked ok, so we came back up and had a quick scout for the wreck. Fortunately, the big yellow pillar bouy was chained to it!

We had a quick dive down to the deck (about 20m deep) before we had to come back to the surface. I must admit I wasnt that impressed, but Laura was keen to dive again, so we filled the tanks and had another look.

Further down in the hull are plenty of swim-throughs, where its possible to see an exit from each opening. There were a couple you had to press on a bit to find the exit but they were all pretty obvious which takes the pressure off! Not much fish life around the wreck, a few schools of smaller fish and some growth on the wreck. We have been rather spoilt with wrecks like the Yongala.

When we surfaced after the second dive the afternoon breeze had kicked in with a vengeance, going from 5 knots when we went under to 20knots when we came back up - so we quickly got onboard, dropped the mooring and headed back to Emu Point for the night. We washed the kit whilst underway and had a nice lunch once back in the calm.

This morning we dropped the mooring and in no wind, motored out of King George Sound and around the corner heading west towards Augusta where we aim to spend a few days. Nina, a friend from diving in Fiji, will join us there and show us some of the tourist bits of the Margret River whilst there.

It had been motoring until around 2pm when again the afternoon breeze kicked in, up to 20knots from the wrong direction! Its due to ease this evening though, so we are motor sailing as tight on the wind as we can for now. We should be in Augusta tomorrow hopefully for lunch but by the close of the day at the latest...