Duplicat's Diary

Long day..
by Rick at 11:20:50, 2021-03-09 (day 2501)

Long day under sail, all downwind. Started off light but we knew it was forecast to build, and build it did. It seems to be the afternoon thing here, wind increases quite a bit as does the sea state (much to the chagrin of the crew!).

We rounded the headland into Dillon Bay in the last of the daylight, which was nice as we could see the rocks and cut the corner a bit closer than we would in the dark (with no moon). Used the satellite photos to get up close to the beach as no chance to see the bottom type by that point, and dropped the hook in about 9m of water. It bit first time (also not a given in these weedy anchorages!), and we’re comfortable with the wind off the beach and a small swell from the stern.

The beach here looks gorgeous on the pictures, but we won’t see it as we’ll press on again tomorrow. Another early start!