Duplicat's Diary

Lucky Bay
by Rick at 10:09:06, 2021-03-03 (day 2495)

We had a lovely sail downwind from Middle Island to Lucky Bay, under headsail alone the whole way. We caught a mac tuna pretty quickly, and threw it back. Later on we caught a nice sized bluefin tuna, from which we got 1.8kg of meat. Thats tonight’s dinner sorted with the rest going into the freezer!

The wind steadily built up to 33knots with some pretty large seas, which made the gybe up into the bay quite interesting. We had planned to anchor west side of the bay, but due to the wind, we decided to head to the eastern end and anchor in the nice sand patch we could see on the satellite photos. Indeed, its a nice sheltered spot here, though still plenty of wind.

We’ll stay here tomorrow, then move on to Esperance in the calmer winds on Friday.