Duplicat's Diary

Almost there...
by Rick at 06:18:57, 2019-10-15 (day 1990)

A nice fast passage from Huon to Chesterfield has seen us start slowing down already. We knew it would be two nights as its just two for for us to do in 36hrs, but as we head towards sunset, we have under 70nm to go. Continuing at 8knots is rather pointless, so we’ve reefed the main a lot, and 2 reefs in the genoa and continuing at 6 knots for now.

The required speed to arrive with daylight is 5.0knots, so further slowdowns expected. I have last watch, but we’ll monitor it at every watch change to ensure we don’t get ahead of ourselves... We expect to be anchored at Chesterfield tomorrow morning - and then we wait for weather for a run to Australia - probably Brisbane.