Duplicat's Diary

Nature in action
by Rick at 01:25:00, 2019-10-11 (day 1986)

We are surrounded here by nature in action. Its turtle mating season and they are at it full bore! Loads of males hanging around looking for females, who seem to get the rough end of things.

Once the male is onboard (so to speak), he just rides along leaving the female to get them both to the surface to breath. She is usually not very happy about this and tries to dislodge the rider. She’s helped by rival males whose favoured method of persuading his rival to dismount is to bite a certain appendage. I have plenty of sympathy for the female, but my eyes water when thinking about being bitten there by a hawksbill!

The weather is stunning at the moment - blue skies, turquoise water and boobys and turtles everywhere. We’ll probably stay until the trough passes through at the weekend and move off on Monday for the 2 day passage to our next stop...