Duplicat's Diary

Gaspard Bay and on to Ambrym
by Rick at 08:51:01, 2019-09-06 (day 1951)

We moved around to Gaspard Bay, and spent a couple of nights there. We had plenty of rain there! In fact, we tried to dive twice, but both times aborted due to the rain coming - as David, Gavin and Nadine were going to snorkel and tend the dinghies whilst Janet and I dived. Clearly no fun in the rain!

We also failed to see dugongs again. Well, we did see them on the surface but didn’t manage to swim with them. I’m running out of opportunities!

From Gaspard Bay we headed to Port Sandwich - another well protected inlet. We anchored a long way in, totally protected from all weather - though it was rather gorgeous whilst we were there. Sunny and like a lake at night - so still!

There are a few rivers which feed into the bay, and we explored both Murder River and the Lasopenamar River (videos to follow). The former was short and relatively easy, but beautifully still - and we met a local at the top. He explained the long story about how the river got its name (not a good story for the colonials who were, as usual, doing the murdering). The later was much tougher to get to the top, but we made it with lots of pushing, shoving, paddling and wading. Janet from Geniet Lewe jumped in with us to even up the numbers (so we could plane to get to the river) and also help with the pulling and paddling!

From there, we decided to head to Ambrym - home to not just one active volcano, but two! Fortunately, though they are active (level 2 at present), they are not spewing lots of ash or fumes - so the anchorages would be pleasant. Geniet Lewe weren’t sure they’d make it, but we headed off early and tucked tight into Buwoma Bay - what a spot!

Around the corner, on the black sand beach was supposedly a hot spring. We took the dinghy around and found it - but it didn’t look very appealing. The water was warm, just a bit funky...

Geniet Lewe arrived into the anchorage and squeezed in behind us, but weren’t comfortable - so we both moved on. Double Bay wasn’t doable (still in 20m of water, 4 boats lengths off the beach), so we moved onto Ranvetlam - a much more reasonable anchorage (and less flies than in Buwoma bay!). Its more of an open roadsted anchorage, but pleasant enough at the moment.

The volcanos are due south of us, but so far no smell or ash. We’re keen not to repeat the incident we had in Fiji when both Geniet Lewe and Duplicat were covered in ash from the Aoba eruption.