Duplicat's Diary

Beqa Lagoon Resort and Yanuca
by Rick at 04:18:27, 2019-07-20 (day 1903)

We had one night at the Beqa Lagoon Resort - it was very nice ashore. We watched the fire walking which is a gift only bestowed upon those from Beqa itself. It was interesting to watch, and they do walk on the stones that have been in the fire, but they were carefully turning them before walking on them. As I would! And I still wouldn’t do it - so hats off to them.

We also had a meal at the resort. In typical Fijian style, everyone was very friendly and came over to introduce themselves. Cocktails and beer were the order of the day (you can guess which was for whom). The vegetarian meal seemed to be largely bread. I chose chicken over lamb and it was slightly underdone which was a shame.

The next morning we did a dive on a bommie a short distance from the anchorage, and it was surprisingly nice. Lots of fish life, and a couple of reef sharks. Plenty to see, and though there was some current, not enough to really worry about. Not a top draw dive, but definitely one worth doing.

From the resort, we headed over to Yanuca island which was towards the western end of the lagoon and closer to the exit we’d take to Vatulele. The anchorage was strewn with bommies, so picking a spot was hard work. And just as we thought we’d hit a nice patch of sand, the wind piped up from the other direction and spun us around...

We went ashore to meet the family there. Sarah and her 2 youngest, along with her husband who was working at the backpacker resort on the south of the island - ferrying surfers out to another famous Fijian pipe at Frigates Pass. We did sevusevu with Sarah who said she’d pass it on to the village over the other side.

The next morning we headed out for a dive. Though it was pretty calm, Ania didn’t fancy the outer wall, as the waves breaking on the reef were quite fearsome and any mistake would put us in trouble. I think we’d have been fine as the waves don’t break in the depth of water we’d be in - but we’d seen a bommie on the way out to the pass and opted to dive that.

It was a stunning dive - loads and loads of fish life, plenty to see, slight current (though we had to work a bit on the way around one corner). It was nice to be able to leave the dinghy on a mooring for a change!

Once back onboard, I was once again, into fridge fixing mode for our drinks fridge - the one we’d had professionally fixed in Australia. It had stopped with the same symptoms. The noise of the generator and pumps sent Ania ashore seeking solitude. Unfortunately, she found the mosquitos too and ended up drifting around on the SUP far enough offshore to avoid the mozzies. Alas, the fridge did not get fixed.

Next day, we left for Vatulele. It was raining but other than that a nice easy downwind passage.