Duplicat's Diary

Bouncing around inside the Astrolabe Reef (pt 1)
by Rick at 03:38:03, 2019-07-09 (day 1892)

First order of the day was to complete Sevusevu at the village on Dravuni. Easily done, though somewhat perfunctory. We were told the 7 islands we could visit, and welcomed to the village. We headed straight for the small hill and climbed it to get the views. It was pretty nice, but would have been better for photographs if the clouds had shifted. We were thankful of the shade when climbing though!

The villagers were nice - but definitely used to tourists as they had signs up everywhere offering massages ($20) and green coconuts ($5). Yvonne sampled some kava with the men from the shipping bringing water, but we had fun messing about with the kids. We even had help to launch the dinghy

From there we headed to Namara island - deserted but used by the nearby Kokomo resort for ‘deserted island afternoons’. There was a couple on the island as we anchored, so we respected their privacy. However, later on they made a beeline for us on the other end of the beach and we had a rather nice time with them. They invited us to join them for rose wine and cheesecake. How could we say no?! Their guide from the resort, Mana, made us up seats despite us being in our snorkelling kit, and poured the wine and provided snacks. Incredible service for people not even guests of the resort.

From Namara we moved on to another village, near where we had heard there were manta rays. We did our Sevusevu and had a nice chat with the headmistress of the school, who knew Sarah and others that we had met last year on Kia and the nearby resport. It’s a small world, even here!

The school was nicely kept with everywhere looking tidy and very green.

Access to the village at low tide is a bit challenging. The beach is very flat and so the tide goes out a long way.

We’d dropped the anchor near a spit of bommie that was hard to see when we anchored, but later that day it emerged. It made it easy for the girls to head over to snorkell, but kept me awake at night when the wind shifted slightly!

We had asked about eggs ashore, but they said we had to wait for the supply ship which was due in at 1pm. It finally arrived around 5pm, a bit too late for us to head into shore.

The next day, the wind had picked up, and the anchorage was very bouncy, so we moved on... No manta rays yet.