Duplicat's Diary

Moving south...
by Rick at 06:29:45, 2019-06-28 (day 1881)

The crew’s friend, Yvonne, arrived fresh from Jersey via the UK - and has managed to swap the weather! Europe is now going to get a heatwave, and we’re getting some rather Scottish-type weather.

We have a trough passing over the area this weekend bringing some windy and squally weather, followed by no wind. We, of course, choose this time to be heading around the eastern bulge of Viti Levu.

However, first up was a trip to Rakiraki to provision with a very nice fresh market and a reasonable supermarket. Mission accomplished fairly swiftly and we were on our way back to Volivoli Resort where we had a celebratory coffee. Then in the dinghy and back to the boat with all the shopping and beer!

Squared away, we got underway aiming to make a bit of distance towards the Toberua pass - at least as much as we could given the weather. Its been fairly squally, with plenty of wind and rain in the squalls - not ideal when navigating between reefs! Google Earth based charts really are a blessing in these situations as they are far better than the charts and make it easy to spot the reefs and then visually confirm where they are...

We made it to a nice bay to anchor in for the night which gives us plenty of protection from the wind. The occasional squall comes through which pushes us around a bit, but the waves don’t amount for much.

The main part of the trough comes through in the next few days. We’ll play it by ear a bit as to when we move and when we stay put. Sunday looks like less wind but far more rain.

Don’t feel too sorry for us though - by Tuesday, it’s back to blue skies and sun and we hope to be in the Great Astrolabe reef by then :)