Duplicat's Diary

Famous last words...
by Rick at 19:38:29, 2019-06-21 (day 1874)

I spoke too soon. I thought we were plenty far enough off the land to avoid mozzies. We were, but not every other kind of flying bug! We were inundated with flying ants, cockroaches and crickets!

The next morning, the deck was littered with bodies, and every rope we shook elicited more bugs falling onto the deck. Ugh! So that was enough for us, we lifted anchor and got moving. Nananu-i-Ra was the destination.

Its very green around here - reminds me of the south west of the UK. We made pretty good time dodging around the reefs. The wind did pick up a bit, on the nose as always, but we arrived at Nananu-i-Ra around lunchtime. Unlike last time I was here, there are no other boats. We were here last August and there was probably 5-10 boats in each bay, and more anchored off Volivoli Point. This time, there is us, and in the distance another catamaran anchored at Volivoli. We’re probably still a bit early in the season as many boats coming up from NZ will head to the eastern islands first.

We headed ashore - its a strange island with no roads, one path and its quite a job to find a way off the beach and across the island due to all the houses (which seem to be holiday homes, rather than locals). Many resort type properties seem to be abandoned or in need of some repairs!

The beach on the far side is quite nice

Duplicat is anchored just beyond the headland on the left, in the next bay

So far, no bugs overnight - so we are pretty happy with this anchorage :)