Duplicat's Diary

Moving on
by Rick at 01:14:30, 2019-06-15 (day 1868)

Another quick fix by the Baobab crew to redo a fridge door hinge for us, and a cruising permit allowed us to get out of Vuda Marina and do some cruising! We have a couple of weeks before our first guest arrives, a friend of the crew who I met in Jersey when meeting Ania, and we plan to be on the NE corner by then. Until that time, we can explore a bit - so first off - Musket Cove to catch up with friends on Pirlouit.

We motor-sailed down there for a while, then the wind went on the nose, but it was only a few hours before we were anchored off Musket Cove resort. I’ve been here before, last season and managed some dives as well as a very nice roast dinner in the restaurant!

We dinghied over to Pirlouit to say hi, had a quick chat then headed in for a walk around the island.

We’d been invited for sundowners on Pirlouit, so we headed over after our walk. As often happens, drinks turned into dinner and a very nice time was had - catching up with them and updating each other on news from other boats. We first met Pirlouit back in Gambiers, which was quite some time ago now!

A plan was hatched for the next day - a combined diving and surfing trip out to Namotu island on the good ship Duplicat. So slightly later than the planned 8am, we hauled up anchor and headed the 4nm out to the small island which is a famous surf spot. The anchoring is either deep (20m) or sand over plate, so I preferred to sit for a while before heading off - so the surfers (Sanne and Ania) headed out to the reef. Unfortunately, the current was too strong. It was suggested they head back at high tide which was late afternoon.

We had an early lunch - Ania rustled up some stir fry, and then got the dive kit ready. 4 of us headed out to do the Magic Island dive, which was ok - probably nicer a bit deeper but 2 of the party preferred to stay shallow, so we all did. Lots of fish, but the coral has suffered - common everywhere unfortunately.

As we surfaced after the dive it was clear the wind had really picked up, so the surfers sensibly called time on waiting - so we unfurled the genoa and drifted back to Musket Cove a celebratory beers.