Duplicat's Diary

by Rick at 08:53:58, 2019-05-30 (day 1852)

With nothing going on at Bourail, we decided to head south. I was up first and got the boat moving out to sea, and got the lines in as soon as possible. Ania appeared just as we got a hookup. We reeled in a nice looking fish, and I filleted it whilst Ania took over on the helm.

Then the deliberations started - New Caledonia has quite a problem with ciguatera, and we always shy away from reef fish like grouper. This looked a bit like a tuna, but wasn’t - maybe a rainbow runner. Certainly it was caught on the outside of the reef, so we figured we’d try it for tea.

The trip down was uneventful - mostly motorsailing with just the genoa. We looked at the reef break by the pass we’d left a few days before - but it was straight onto coral and didn’t look like an easy surf, so Ania passed on it. We pressed on south.

We ended up stopping at Ile Moro - which was a lovely spot. I immediately went for a swim, but the water clarity (which I thought was fine) wasn’t up to the crew’s swimming standard, so she passed. I could see the anchor chain in 8m of water, and the anchor was dug in well in the sand, the chain was nowhere near any coral - so I was happy.

The next morning, I took the SUP and paddled around the island. It wasn’t too far (maybe 1nm total), but the waves reflecting off the island made it a little tricky in places. No early swimming though - a few wobbles but no splash :). Once back onboard, I had a quick swim as did the crew - the water clarity now better apparently!

From Ile Moro we headed south again, aiming for Ile Maitre to meet up with Scott on a boat called Sundowners. I’d spoken to Scott when we were in Australia trying to find a window to leave. He was waiting it out in Brisbane. He ended up leaving a day after us, and arrived about 14hrs behind us, having motored SE for the first day. Scott invited us for dinner, but the vagaries of the various e-mail systems meant we didn’t get the invite until late. As it happened, his planned menu of steak would not have worked for the crew, so I invited Scott to join us for a 2 bean chilli. We had a great time chatting about boats, sailing and the crew’s plans.

This morning, we headed around to Baie du Prony - of which more in the next post...

And the fish? We ate some of it - no ill effects. The rest is in the freezer.... ;)