Duplicat's Diary

by Rick at 06:50:37, 2019-05-27 (day 1849)

We left Tenia, and made good progress up to the Pass d’Ouarai, and with no wind and very little swell, we decided to press on to La Roche Percee/Bourail. We dragged the fishing lines once outside the reef, but no bites :(

As we approached Baie de Bourail, we looked at things and decided to anchor in the bay itself, rather than around the corner in the Baie de Nessadiou (which is more protected but a longer dinghy trip away). It was very calm in the bay, which was bad news as Ania was really hoping for some waves for a bit of surfing - the reason we had come up here! Probably there were waves when we were bouncing our way from Australia, but alas not now.

This morning, I got up and had a drink and a few minutes quiet contemplation on the bow trampoline - then when I tried to put the kettle on, I discovered we had no gas (lpg). I was sure we couldn’t have run out - and sure enough, plenty in the cylinder - just none of it was reaching the hob. The first trouble shooting pointed at the regulator which is a bulkhead mounted unit on Duplicat (as we have various tails to cope with various cylinder types worldwide). I have a spare regulator, but it requires the fittings from the old one - which were reluctant to move despite big spannering. After some fighting, I freed the one I needed only to discover that the new regulator has different sized holes. Damn! I wonder when Will Hayward changed these as both units are his 4008 marine regulator (from memory).

However with that fitting out of the old regulator, I could give it the once over - and indeed, I was able to blow through it now. A quick reassembly and all was well. We have a working gas installation again and we can cook once more! I’ve been over everything with the leak detector and all seems good - and we have a sane pressure of gas at the hob and oven - so lets hope this remains. I’ll be sourcing the appropriate fittings for the spare regulator though too - just in case! These will be on Amanda’s list to bring out (which is slowly growing, as usually!).

Gas drama finished, we took the dinghy about 4-5miles up the river to Bourail itself. In fact, we didn’t reach Bourail, we had to stop half a mile before where we found a tiny slip. We cheekily tied and anchored the dinghy next to the slip and walked through the field and out onto the road. A short walk brought us to Bourail - and another short walk took us through Bourail and out the other side. There’s not much too it. We found a pleasant enough Snack for lunch, but that was our sum total of Bourail. There are a couple of supermarkets, but they had closed for lunch and we didn’t really need anything.

So back to the dinghy, and we headed down the river. I dropped Ania off at La Roche Percee, the little village by the beach here so she could have a wander and maybe find some WiFi. I returned to Duplicat to leak and pressure test the LPG repairs from earlier - all good. I collected Ania from the beach a bit later on and she reports that there’s not much there at all, and it was mostly deserted. Not at all how the guide book makes it sound - but possibly we are early in the season and also without a car.

Tomorrow we’ll head south.... (and sorry, light on photos - I will try harder!)