Duplicat's Diary

by Rick at 03:50:08, 2019-05-04 (day 1826)

As we may have mentioned, we’re constantly watching the weather to see if we can find a window to get to the (hopefully) warmer tropics! We had hoped to be leaving today - but I’m glad we’re not.

The feature above is a force 12 storm forecast for Friday, heading over Chesterfield reef and heading SE down past New Caledonia - and we can see the winds heading us on what would have been our final few hundred miles into New Cal. Had we left today, we’d have wanted to be sure to arrive well ahead of this system. Of course, with the head winds, it would be a beat or a motor. Getting caught in something like the above is what makes us hesitant.

We may be able to take the S/SW winds that it gives rise to at the tail end of next week and ride them to New Cal. May be a little bit bumpy and windy, but would be a fast passage. We continue to wait...