Duplicat's Diary

Back to the Gold Coast
by Rick at 00:55:53, 2019-04-07 (day 1799)

I arrived back into Newcastle with 38kg of luggage including, as always, many boat spares. This time we’re starting on the replacement of the smaller hatch acrylics and some of the hinges (as the old design of the friction hinge is a bit ‘average’ as they say here - ie. crap).

A few days later, Ania arrived. She’s joining me to sail the boat back to the islands where Amanda will arrive, hopefully recovered from the injury. Ania’s done some sailing before - more racing than cruising - so not totally green, but a bit to learn. Amanda and I met her in Jersey so had got to know her a (little) bit ahead of this trip.

Within 24hours of Ania being in the country, we were out at sea having fuelled up. She wants to see something of Australia and we needed to know that this is doing to work - so a 3 day offshore trip is the obvious thing! However, with our combined jet lag and the generally grey weather, perhaps we were pushing it a bit too hard. Ania suffered a bit on the first day - but by the second day, things were fine. A bit more wind would have been nice, but at least it was relatively calm and we weren’t punching into a northerly!

The most drama was on our second night. Plenty of squalls, some pot markers around a rudder (which required us to come to a stop, push off the line etc), and a fishing boat seemingly intent on running us down. Still, Ania coped well.

We came into the Southport Seaway at sunset, and motored south towards Southport as I wanted to meet up with friends down there. We anchored right next to Glamma Puss which was great.

As I tidied up the sails, warps etc - Ania made the salad and then we pan fried the tuna we had caught on the way. We actually caught 3 but threw the 2 little ones back. The last one we kept as it was big enough for a few meals. The rest is in the freezer for another night. So far, the pescatarian diet (Ania’s preference) isn’t a big problem for me - but I do have some steak stashed in the freezer ;) We didn’t manage to last long after dinner before retiring, tired but happy to have made the journey with time to spare ahead of Ania’s inland travels.

Sunday dawned, hot and busy. Lots of traffic on the broadwater, not that it bothers us. So far, things are settling along nicely, crew 2.0 is working out fine.