We're off! That was the start of the plan. We started with the aim of reaching the Caribbean, and we quickly decided that the ARC wasn't for us - too large, too brash. Having spent some time talking to the folks at Sailing Rallies, we've decided to sign up to their Christmas Caribbean Rally 2014. So the first date in our plan is December 15th.

We're aiming to set off in early May. So we have from then until December to reach the start of the CCR, which leaves from Marina Rubicon in Lanzarote.

We've got some good friends joining us to sail out to the Canary Islands from somewhere in Europe - so that sets a date sometime in early November. We may well put in a stop in Morocco on our way down - really looking forward to that!

So we have from May until early November to work our way south.

Trans-atlantic Crossing

As we're joining the CCR - we'll cross the atlantic to Jolly Harbour in Antigua from December 15th. With fair winds, we may just reach Antigua in time for New Year's Eve - though we suspect we'll spend both Christmas and New Year at sea - a very special treat.


We don't yet have much of a plan for our time in the Caribbean. Just relaxing and exploring a small set of the various islands sounds like a great plan! A long-standing friend from University has inspired us to explore Guyana, Suriname and Guiana, so that may be our plan for the hurricane season. However, thats so far away at the moment, its just the merest hint of an idea of a plan!