Duplicat's Diary

Day 10
by Rick at 04:26:32, 2022-06-06 (day 2955)

Just after last nights blog, we hooked a nice yellowfin tuna. Alas, it got free from us as I was trying to bleed it - so some shark has been lucky! In fact one shark had already had a go - a cookie cutter shark had taken a disk from it whilst it was on the line. And yes, a cookie cutter shark is really a dog fish…

So a bit sore from losing the tuna and a bit bored of motorsailing, we continued on into the night. A couple of times we tried sailing but the angle was too tight, or it shifted and we’d have been going to Vanuatu.

However mid-morning the wind seemed a bit more stable, so we’ve had the genoa out since then. With the trimming master, Peter, we’ve been up in the 6-7knot range in 10-12knots of apparent wind (maybe 7-10knots true just forward of the beam). The sailing is lovely - with the light ish winds, the seas are pretty flat. There’s not a cloud to be seen. I think if we were on land it would be HOT!

In fact, last night, I was able to stand my watches in just my shorts and t-shirt. No need for the trousers, jumpers and socks I was using as we left Australia. Ahhhh…back in the tropics. Life is very good!

Arrival now looks like very early hours of Wednesday. We’re expecting a bit more wind tomorrow too, so may have to reef down. We’ll head through the main pass of the reef and up to Vuda Marina where we’ll anchor outside and await officialdom during daylight hours… I can almost taste that first beer….