Duplicat's Diary

Day 6
by Rick at 04:42:18, 2022-06-02 (day 2951)

Day 6, and its much the same. In fact on last nights watches, neither of us touched the wheel, controls or saw anything else. Totally boring - we’re out here alone and the wind was nice and consistent! The upside was we made some good miles and boring is always good on a boat so far from land.

Today will see us pass the halfway mark, with 750nm to go, and we’re just about 500nm to our waypoint where we turn for the run in as the trades establish. The actual route changes a bit each day as we see the forecast - but its been consistent for quite a while which is encouraging.

It looks like we have a couple or three days of light-ish winds, so we expect some motoring and some motorsailing to maximise our range and be in the best place for when the trade winds resume. Wednesday looks like a reasonable arrival day, but it depends a bit on the trade wind angle. If its too tight that could cost us enough hours to put us into Thursday. So be it…

All well onboard still. Happy at the progress, and thoughts turning to plans for Fiji…