Duplicat's Diary

Day 5
by Rick at 04:51:56, 2022-06-01 (day 2950)

After the front passed yesterday, things calmed down and we sailed the night under genoa alone. Peter had to contend with a bunch of Chinese fishing boats on his watch, all milling around the Australian marine boundary. Once through those, his watch was simple. I saw a container ship on mine but it was way behind us and never an issue. Other than that, the watches were easy. I was very tired on my first watch, but fine on the second after my 3hrs sleep. So far, we’re managing pretty well on the watch front - with the flexible setup during the day, and then our set hours overnight.

Today we had wind from almost ahead of the beam! This prompted us to get the mainsail up - the first time on this trip. Quite incredible to have had the wind so far aft for 5 days of what is normally an upwind trip. Once the main was up we were soon clipping along and saw 10 knots briefly. Not quite 14 though..

We’ve decided to drop the main for the night. The wind will go aft again at up to 20knots, and then slowly back around to the SE over the coming 2 days. It’ll be quite light, so we’ll be using a bit of engine to make sure we get into Fiji ahead of the coming change late next week, which will see us headed. However, we now have under 900nautical miles to go, which should be under a week.

As a celebration for the passing of the front, todays lunch was snags, chips with a nice salad. Considering what to do on the calmer days - maybe a nice mezze platter with some homemade pitas? Not made those for a while…