Duplicat's Diary

Day 4
by Rick at 05:13:56, 2022-05-31 (day 2949)

The night was quite lively with the wind steadily building as the front approached. The sea state followed the wind and it meant not much sleep was had as things were moving a lot (and lots of waves slamming into the hulls).

The mornings weather forecast showed that we’d not managed to outrun the front, and it was due during the day. We carried on under a very reefed genoa, until Peter woke me at 12:15pm and suggested I may want to see this. The radar was very angry and red, and you could see the front approaching. It hit with some force, and torrential rain for about an hour - with some pretty big seas. Peter was hand steering and we were tracking well. The new covers have made an amazing difference as several times we took solid water up over the port side of the boat. Without the new covers, we’d have been drenched on the helm.

The fun continued for about an hour, and then things started to ease. Within a couple of hours we were shaking reefs out and resuming a course for Fiji, rather than a course for comfort. Normality has been restored and the sun has even come out. Back onto champagne sailing again.

Things are due to remain this way for a couple of days before the wind starts to shift back around to the SE trades. We’re hoping to get very close by Wednesday next week as after that, the wind heads us and things become a little more complicated - so for now its concentrating on making good speed on our course…

All good onboard. With the improving sea state, the galley is re-opening and the TimTams are going away…