Duplicat's Diary

Almost ready
by Rick at 01:27:35, 2022-05-27 (day 2945)

We’re in the countdown to leaving Australia! A few last jobs are underway, and we’re busy making water to fill the tank. Tomorrow morning, we’ll go and fill up with diesel (will report back on price) and then clear out with Australia Border Force, before heading out of the seaway and out to sea.

Weather looks easy for the first few days. A light southerly, going westerly to get us going. Tuesday is the complicated day, with a front coming from behind us which may give us some wind to deal with (all from behind us though, so hopefully not too uncomfortable). Should only last 18hrs or so, then back into the 20s or less. We’ll continue to head east until we determine where the high pressure will sit. That will govern whether we go more east, or start to head up. Once we’re past New Caledonia, we can think about turning to point at Fiji. The SE trade winds look to re establish then, so we could benefit from a nice beam reach into Vanua Levu. That would be astonishingly convenient, so keep everything crossed.

Passage expected to be 9-12 days, depending on where the high sits and how much we slow down in the blow…