Duplicat's Diary

Back afloat
by Rick at 04:12:34, 2022-05-18 (day 2936)

After a somewhat manic mini-refit, Duplicat is now back afloat. We’ve done upholstery inside and out, covers, windscreen covers, mosquito mesh, escape hatch fixes, engine services, mast off and electrical and standing rigging replacements. We’ve done a myriad of other little jobs (new nav lights, new cockpit lights, fixed some of the original Privilege control modules. Its been hard, non-stop work but we’re done, afloat and out of the marina.

Now the really hard part starts - waiting for weather! The aim is to sail direct to Fiji which is about 1500nm, though we’ll probably take a long route. The weather is proving more interesting than normal with lots of notherlies still. With that comes torrential rain too - so some up, some down. I see a possible window in 10 days or so time, so we’ll wait for that. The N wind will allow us to make some progress south and east in comfort, and gives us a better angle to then sail to Fiji. A beam reach would be lovely, but suspect it may still be a little ahead at times.

For this leg, I’ve been joined by Peter from the UK. He’s been incredibly helpful so far and is a very experienced sailor - so I hope to learn a lot!

We have a new drone, without the blemishes that occur on all teh photos of the old drone. Hope to get a bit more practice with it before we leave…