Duplicat's Diary

Heading towards maintenance
by Rick at 22:12:47, 2022-01-16 (day 2814)

Things have been a bit quiet on the blog, sorry about that! Its not that we’ve not being doing anything - we’ve been doing quite a bit. Its just not that interesting!

We left the Brisbane river after a lovely time enjoying city life. Some great breweries, exquisite restaurants, shops so I could get on with my tech refresh, etc. However, it was clear that COVID was becoming more common there and so it was prudent to move to a less crowded area.

Bryan and Sammie joined us for the trip down the river and back to Raby Bay where they hoped off. We moved a bit further down to catch up with friends on Upstart. We had a nice couple of days off Macleay Island before pushing on south under the power lines and down to the Gold Coast.

I’ve a few friends to catch up with down here, and being typical Aussies, they all want to help us in anyway they can. We’re mostly pretty good - but one of the jobs I want to get down whilst I’m back in the UK is to update the upholstery. The material we sourced in Trinidad is not up to the job, so its time to redo the saloon and possibly the cockpit too. There are covers to be remade and improved in the cockpit as well. So Ronnie kindly took us down to the fabric store where my lack of interior decorations skills were laid bare…

We did get some swatches to see which I like. Feel free to comment (though hard to know if you can’t feel the fibre-of-the-fabric :)

So now our jobs are to begin some interior and exterior polishing, source estimates/quotes for the upholstery/covers and the standing rigging, then once we know where the boat needs to be for that work, the haulout can be booked and then flights etc. In the meantime, catching up with friends is also important. We had a great BBQ last night with Ronnie and Hurtle Turtle (who I met in Hobart, and then Brisbane!).

We’ve spent the last few days anchored at Paradise Point - the area between the two bridges (where the speed is restricted) is too crowded, so we’re just north of the northern bride in the 40knot zone. Mostly its not a problem but you do get the occasional jerk-ski that just likes to go up and down and up and down and up and down….That said, Ronnie took us out on her speedboat and we went up to Home of the Arts for lunch - which was a very nice run and I got to drive back. Far too manic on a weekend to go too fast, but we were very comfortable at 20+knots ;)

Thats about all for now….