Duplicat's Diary

Merry Christmas from Moreton Bay
by Rick at 03:39:07, 2021-12-27 (day 2794)

We’ve been having a nice time catching up with friends, collecting parcels, cooking, socialising. Oh, and Christmas.

We had Christmas Day anchored out at Sandhills on the eastern side of Moreton Bay, and it was very pleasant indeed. Prior to that, we’d been anchored at Peel Island and Raby Bay (twice). We even saw a Dugong up very close in Raby Bay - which was a nice surprise as I’d not seen them there before.

The forecast for the next few days is looking a bit average, so we’ve decided to head up the Brisbane River for a bit. We’ll probably hang around here until New Year, then work out the next plan. In the meantime, we’re pretty close to the Botanical Gardens and the Central Business District - so I suspect we’ll find a nice restaurant or two to try (if any are open in the break between Christmas and New year!).