Duplicat's Diary

Raby Bay, here we come!
by Rick at 04:11:35, 2021-12-19 (day 2786)

After a night at Inskip point (which was very comfortable), we punched the last of the incoming tide to get out across Wide Bay bar. It was never likely to be a problem, but Wide Bay bar has a deserved reputation, so we treat it with sensible caution. For me that means arriving at the bar before the outgoing flow has started. The prevailing swell is coming from offshore, so once the tide is falling, the bar can get lively.

Given todays conditions, the bar crossing was simple, and once out we could raise sail and start south. The route gave us 110nm from our anchorage to Raby Bay. We have managed to sail most of the day but have resorted to engine now and again. Under 80nm to go now - it will be an overnight passage, but we’ll arrive early tomorrow morning.

We are also without our wind instrument as the display unit has failed. I’ve put my tester on the wand (the thing at the top of the mast) and that seems fine. It all works for a few minutes on startup, but as the electronics warm up, it loses the signal from the mast head unit. Its very likely the analog mux chip, or the ADC. Both of which are easy chips to get and I have schematics and test points for the display. However, a surface-mounted chip is hard to reflow with the equipment I have on the boat, and even then I’m not sure I could get it all waterproof again. I’ll give it a go, but I’m minded to replace the remaining ST60 displays I have. They are all nearly 20 years old and losing them is a pain. Whilst we can feel the wind direction and see the vane on the top of the mast, the strength is more of an issue particularly for catamarans. So another expensive job coming up! Boats - who’d have one!?

Anyway, the draw of Raby Bay is our friends Bryan and Sammie. They’ve been gamely receiving parcels for me for the last few weeks. I’ve not seen them in a year - since Sammie helped us sail down to Coffs Harbour and Bryan joined us there for a weekend. Then the northern beaches outbreak in Sydney started and messed with all our plans. Can’t wait to catch up with them.