Duplicat's Diary

South again
by Rick at 11:03:57, 2021-12-16 (day 2783)

Having seen the turtles, manta rays and caught up with Upstart and Jadean, we could once again move south. So at 5:20am this morning we dropped the mooring (which in a nice piece of choreography was immediately picked up by Upstart), and headed out of the lagoon.

Once around the top of the atoll, we turned SE and motored towards Fraser Island. We did see Caledonian Sky, a small cruise ship we’ve seen up and down the east coast and throughout the Kimberley) heading towards the atoll, so pleased we had left! It was getting very busy there.

The wind did fill in a little bit later, and we managed a couple of hours of motor sailing, but apart from that it was a long motor in a pretty calm sea. Job done though, and at just after 7pm, we dropped the hook off Rooney Point at the northern end of Fraser Island. There are 4 other boats here and as usual, one has all his nav lights on which makes it confusing when you’re approaching as you keep seeing red then green as they swing on the anchor. I really don’t know why so many Australians have no clue about nav lights! Tomorrow we’ll head towards the Great Sandy Strait…