Duplicat's Diary

South Molle
by Rick at 05:11:15, 2021-12-05 (day 2772)

It was nice to get ashore and have a long(ish) walk around the island. Its changed little since I was here last - but the pier has grown and is now very fancy indeed! Its a little surprising just how good the pier is considering the resort is still basically ruins.

We walked around to Scion Kop for good views back into Bauer Bay where we were anchored.

From there, we walked over to Mt Jeffreys (only 197m high), then around to Balancing Rock before back to the far end of the beach and Bauer Bay and back to the pier. The last leg took us past the destroyed resort.

In all it was about 10.6km of pretty easy walking (albeit with some uphill). The breeze made it nice, and the SE wind has bought back the blue skies and sunny weather.

Tomorrow, we’ll do some upwind sailing and try to get a bit further down the chain ahead of the calmer spells from Wednesday.