Duplicat's Diary

Hill Inlet, Dugong Bay and Macona inlet
by Rick at 07:58:19, 2021-11-30 (day 2767)

From Tongue Inlet, we could walk over to the lookup above Hill Inlet - a spectacular shallow inlet that looks stunning. The night before the squally showers had materialised and we had a lot of rain. When it finally cleared and we got ashore, the mosquitos were out in force. However, the view was very nice.

From there, we sought shelter back in Dugong Bay for the night, which was very smooth before heading to Macona inlet today. I’ve never been here before, which is a bit of a surprise as I’d spent a lot of time in the Whitsundays last year waiting for Border Force to work on my visa. Another story. Anyway, Macona inlet is very pretty, and has very good data (hence server upgrade).

We had it to ourselves for most of the day, but a few charter boats have rocked up this evening - but none have encroached on us into the reef area, which is nice. We took the dinghy the 3nm around to Nara Inlet to see the rock art site at the top. Its not a patch on the Kimberley rock art though.

Tomorrow, we’ll dinghy the other way to do the Whitsunday Cairn hike. Again, its 4hrs in the book but I did it in 2hrs last time…