Duplicat's Diary

Dugong Inlet
by Rick at 06:02:41, 2021-11-27 (day 2764)

We had a nice couple of nights at Dugong Inlet. Suprisingly we had data (which I didn’t have when anchored closer to Sawmill beach in the same harbour). We caught up with French Curve (not seen since Hobart and Port Stephens).

In between the rain, we hiked up to the top of Whitsunday Peak. The guide says allow 4hrs, but it was a 2hr round-trip for us. The views were good - you can see Duplicat in the bay almost centre picture.

This morning we headed around to Turtle Bay as a half-way point towards Whitehaven Beach. French Curve are also here and have invited us for dinner. The weather is a bit of a conundrum at the moment - but looks like we have at least a week in the Whitsundays. Hopefully that will allow us to catch up with friends ashore as well as allow Nina to see a bit of the Whitsundays and see why they are such a draw.

We are once again enjoying ‘muppet hour’ as the charter boats check in each morning and give their plans and get suggestions. One boat is distinctly upset that their generator isn’t working and so they can’t run their AC making it impossible to sleep onboard. Given we never run our AC at anchor, it amused us!